Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Class 1: Recap and homework

Assignment 1 involves creating a written 5-year career plan for after you leave Whitireia. As appropriate to your individual situations, it should cover your own writing – how you will continue with it and market it; paid work; any further education; and any travel. There will also be an intro and a conclusion, which can be written last. Please plan for it to be 1500 to 2000 words.

We discussed that the sections in Erin’s plan will include:
- Possible further education (e.g. publishing course, MA in creative writing, maybe poetry course?)
- Possible jobs (esp. in publishing, but also possibly libraries, bookshops etc.)
- How to market your manuscripts (probably via an agent)
- Juggling everything
- Any appendices - e.g. prospectuses, a sample letter to an agent (not included in word count)


Erin will possibly be talking to Anna this week about her manuscript. If so, take some ideas from that, do a little extra research if necessary, and bring thoughts and info to next class.

If meeting with Anna doesn’t eventuate yet, then investigate one of the courses you might be interested in, and bring some info about that along to the next class.

Mikoyan – please bring some thoughts about where you’d like to go over the next 5-6 years when it comes to – your own writing work, any further education, and paid work

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