Sunday, February 14, 2016

Class 1: Notes

This year, you'll be working on three assignments:

1. A written five-year career plan (30%)

2. A written plan for a specific literary project (40%)

3. A promotional project with an oral component (30%)

The career plan

The first term will be devoted to your five-year career plan, which will be due early in the second term. (Exact date TBA.)

The career plan is an opportunity to research and reflect on what you'd like to do, and what possibilities are open to you, once you graduate from Whitireia.

In this first class, we'll discuss where you're at right now with thinking about this, and start in on research.

We'll also discuss what guest speakers would be useful to you this year.

If you have any questions over the next week, please add them as comments on this post.

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